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Depression treatment

Do you constantly feel negative emotions, like overwhelming sadness, taking over? A lack of motivation to do the things you once enjoyed? I am a therapist specialized in treatment for depression, and I am here to help you.

Everyone has days where they feel sad or depressed, with little energy or motivation to complete their normal tasks. If you consistently find it hard to commit to anything due to your sorrow, it may be a bigger issue affecting your mental and physical health. When this lack of action and complete disinterest in anything becomes a daily habit, it is important to seek treatment to resolve it, so that it does not spiral out of control.


The key to effective therapy is a good rapport between client and therapist. This rapport is essential.

For this reason, I invite you to meet me for a free 30 minutes interview where you will ask me questions, explain your problems, then I will tell you how we will solve them and how long it will take. Then you decide.

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Overcome Depression

As a depression psychotherapist, I can help you overcome your depression through custom-tailored therapy to fit your needs. Your life will drastically improve in just a few sessions and you will be able to focus on rebuilding your life.

Depression cages you in and controls your life. Psychotherapy is a solution to manage and avoid any negative repercussions.

After our sessions, you will be a totally different person, your negative thoughts and emotions will disappear and give way to a positive mindset, and you will be revitalized with new energy.

Through self-awareness you can seek professional help and take care of your mental health.

If not now, when?


Depression Treatment

As a psychotherapist, depression is something I regularly help clients work through. My treatment for depression is personalized based on the needs of each individual and oriented towards quick and lasting results.

Resolve this problem and stop feeling trapped. Leave the feelings of hopelessness that are causing you so much pain and draining you of your energy behind. It is normal to feel good, so do not accept feeling bad.

If you have ever tried therapy and had no success, if you have spent long periods of time— even years— with chronic depression and are ready to end it, contact me and we will schedule an appointment to start transforming your life!

Therapy for depression

Work-related depression

A large part of our day is spent at work, and on many occasions we face stressful situations and problems that can lead to work-related depression.

Is your work environment making you feel down? Do you lack self-confidence and feel insecure about your tasks and responsibilities? Together we will change this and get you back on the right foot in just a few therapy sessions adapted to suit your needs.

Depression can have very damaging effects on our mental and physical health. If you feel any depression-related symptoms during the workday, such as sadness, anxiety, apathy, lethargy, irritability and lack of concentration and motivation, now is the time to act.

Schedule an appointment with me so we can begin addressing work-related depression effectively and rapidly.

Chronic depression

Do you suffer from chronic depression? It can be treated effectively with psychotherapy.

Many people live their lives going through depressive states which, if not resolved, continue to debilitate their emotional, mental, and physical states and weaken their well-being. You may have chronic depression if you live with such crippling thoughts and feelings, and I am here to help you work through it.

If you have been feeling depressed, sad, and have struggled with lack of interest or vision for years, I can help you feel better. You will learn to manage your emotions and face past situations with a different attitude. Once you finally accept your emotions and experiences as integral parts of your being, your quality of life will drastically improve.

Anxiety depression

Anxiety depression is a disorder with no specific causes, but it could stem from negative experiences, or personal or work-related issues, among other things.

Some of the symptoms include constant fear and restlessness, shortness of breath, excessive worry, overwhelming thoughts of despair, and changes in appetite and sleep patterns.

If you constantly experience these types of symptoms, I can help you find a solution through non-invasive therapy. Through a personalized treatment I use different techniques suited to fit your needs and help you to truly overcome your anxiety depression.

Nervous depression

Feelings of sadness, extreme stress, dramatic changes in eating and sleeping habits, tremors and general discomfort, are some of the major signs of nervous depression. It is a problem which, if not treated, can continue growing and become more difficult to treat.

Depression does not have an exact cause. It may occur due to a series of unresolved negative experiences in which you have yet to get closure. Fortunately, therapy provides a solution.

Nervous depression can be improved or resolved through personalized treatment, adapted to your needs. I am able to assist you in working through your nervous depression with my therapy services, custom-made just for you to ensure the best results.

Recurrent depression

In life there are bound to be ups and downs. Constant, extreme changes in mood that make you feel bad, sad, and hesitant to do anything could be a sign that you suffer from recurrent depression.

Psychotherapy provides a solution, and my method of non-invasive therapy can assist you. Through my method you will learn to manage and dominate your emotions, rather than having them continue to control you.

How is this done? I will listen to you and design a custom-made therapy to help you feel good and comfortable in the way that you always should. I will help you feel better in the shortest time possible and without focusing on the problems that have been causing your recurrent depression, we will instead focus on the solution.

Terapia para la depresión

Help with depression online

Request for help through online depression treatment and start living the life you deserve. It is normal to feel good, happy and eager to take on the world, and living with depression prevents you from experiencing these positive feelings.

Do not settle for feeling bad. I understand how you feel and after therapy with me you will be able to successfully transform your negative thoughts and attitudes to positive ones.

If you are depressed do not wait any longer to ask for help. My therapy makes it convenient for you to get the help you need without having to travel. The only thing you will need to overcome your depression is an Internet connection.

Are you ready to leave your depression behind for good?