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Grief Therapy

I am a psychotherapist specializing in grief. Life has educated me in that sense, my mother died when I was only 18, and my father passed away painfully. I have experienced the pain of the loss of a daughter we were expecting. I have also experienced the early loss of a good friend. I volunteered at a hospice for a year.

If the time has passed and you still feel pain, it means that the mourning is stagnant.

I can help you if you have experienced:

  • The death of a family member: parents, spouse, children, grandparents, couple, siblings, friend.
  • An abortion, miscarriage, or stillbirth.
  • A breakup, separation, or divorce. (amicable or not)
  • The loss of a comrade of arms, police or firefighter, or patients practicing as a doctor, nurse, or EMS.
  • The death of your favorite pet or animal.
  • Loss of employment, property, assets, money, etcetera.
  • The disappearance of someone.

If you have lived through any of these experiences and the pain and grief remain with time, a specialist must assist you.

I can help you. First, I identify if you have any feelings of anger, resentment, revenge, desire to retaliate, etcetera, and we resolve it.

Then I guide you through a specific protocol for you to resolve the pain of the loss you have experienced and other related emotions.

After this process, the pain will be gone, but a “normal sadness” remains, and it will be less and less frequent and intense.

I use an elegantly simple and effective protocol that will give you peace and a sense of closure from the pain of grief that we will replace with a  gentle or loving memory of the loss. One to two sessions are typical for this process.


The key to effective therapy is a good rapport between client and therapist. This rapport is essential.

For this reason, I invite you to meet me for a free 30 minutes interview where you will ask me questions, explain your problems, then I will tell you how we will solve them and how long it will take. Then you decide.

Please choose a day and time to schedule your free meeting by clicking on the button.

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Pathological grief

Grief is one of the most painful experiences we can go through in life. Pathological grief is greater in intensity, and accepting the death of a loved one or any other loss may complicate feelings even more.

After the loss of a loved one, we experience negative emotions that prevent us from the emotional freedom we need to feel good about ourselves and those around us. If your loved one’s death was traumatic (e.g. accidental work-related death, car accident, sickness, natural disaster, suicide, murder, etc.) the pain we feel may be greater than what we feel from anticipated or natural death, such as the death of an ill elderly person.

You may still be grieving and unable to move on after the death of a loved one for weeks or even months after their death. If you have nightmares, hallucinations, feel outside of yourself and are afraid or anxious about dying in the same way as them, you may need professional assistance. If you find yourself unable to dispose of their ashes, or constantly need to visit their grave, I can help you overcome these feelings and resolve your emotions, so that you can finally get closure in a kind and compassionate way.

duelo patologico y perinatal

I would like to offer you my assistance in resolving your feelings of pain, anger, and emptiness after the loss of a loved one.

My therapy can help you leave any pain, anger, helplessness, fear, or blame you feel behind. If you recognize these negative emotions in yourself, now is the time to ask for help; you no longer have to face this pain alone. You can count on me to help you resolve this quickly and effectively, in just a few sessions and for good.

You do not have to accept feeling sad or depressed because of grief and loss. Try my therapy to see how you can take back the reins of your life, without suffering. You deserve to live a happy life.


Perinatal grief

When faced with the loss of a baby either before or after its birth, you may experience an intense, debilitating emotional response that prevents you from moving forward in life. I am a psychotherapist specialized in perinatal grief and I want to help you take back your life without any pain or suffering. For 20 years I have helped my clients overcome their difficulties. With my expertise in perinatal grief, you can count on me to help you!

You could feel horrible and believe it is impossible to overcome this lost, but things do not have to be this way. With my therapy, you will learn to manage your negative thoughts and emotions.

Perinatal death happens when a baby dies at any stage during the pregnancy itself, be it during birth, or in its first days or weeks of life. Such an occurrence has a huge emotional impact on the parents.

Through therapy, I help my clients accept what has happened with love and empathy, so that they are able to look to the future and continue their lives with a fond memory instead of a painful one.

Transform pain into a fond memory

After the loss of a baby it is normal to feel different emotions, including denial for not understanding what has happened, a constant state of shock, pain, guilt, anger, depression, disillusion, and envy of other future parents or couples with babies, among others.

You do not have to carry this pain alone. Surely you wish to find the best way to transform your grief into a fond memory. I know how to help you achieve this. By scheduling an appointment with me, we can begin therapy as soon as possible to help rid yourself of the depression, anxiety, stress, and fear-inducing pain that you have been suffering from.

You will learn to manage your feelings and accept that death is an inevitable part of life and would keep a fond memory.

I know this is a very difficult situation for you, so I will help resolve it through compassion and care.

Through the services I provide as a grief psychotherapist, my clients are able to accept what happened with love and empathy. They are able to look to the future and resume their lives with fond memories.