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Online Psychotherapy

Welcome! My name is Luis Navarro, and my aim is to provide you with effective therapy that will help you overcome fear, stress, anxiety, depression, trauma or any other issue preventing you from being happy.

About Me



How I Know I Can Help You

I have been in your situation. I know how you feel and what is happening to you. I will provide you with the proper tools to help you move forward and also leave behind anything that is holding you back.

I completed my training in spiritual psychology at the University of Santa Monica in California and I am a clinical hypnotherapist, CHT 103-008. I am an expert in the most advanced therapeutic techniques that have been developed based on the neurological discoveries of the functioning of the brain.

I evaluate each client using a holistic approach: your body, your mind, and your emotions are all connected with each other. My goal is to use the most effective techniques in the shortest amount of time possible to help you feel good and have energy and enthusiasm in your day-to-day life.

Whenever you Feel Down, There is a Solution


Online Psychotherapy

I specialize in online psychotherapy. Wherever you are in the world, through online therapy sessions, we will work together to treat the triggers and obstacles clouding your mind and generating negative thoughts and emotions.

If you are feeling bad, it is important to not let yourself fall into an ever-growing loop of these negative feelings. The more time passes, the more intense this loop becomes, thus causing you more anxiety or stress.

I am able to help you eliminate the negative thoughts and emotions that control and absorb all of your energy. Although you may be aware that these thoughts do not make sense rationally, it is likely you cannot avoid thinking and feeling this way.

Feeling well should be the norm.

What are my Online Psychotherapy Sessions like?

Quick and effective. We work together as a team, regardless of the “why”, to help you solve your problem here and now. I am an expert in “non-invasive” therapies that address what you are feeling and thinking now, and help you work to resolve it. You will not have to remember the origin of the problem, and can completely avoid having to relive these unresolved, intense emotions that are negatively affecting your well-being in our sessions. The key is to detect how this problem affects you and resolve it for good, with the most effective technique adapted to best suit your needs. 

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If you are going through a difficult situation and find yourself filled with feelings of negativity and constant worry, this can be resolved. If you want to learn how to resolve your emotions so they no longer dominate you, contact me. Accepting negative feelings as normal or thinking they can be treated solely with medication may reduce your vitality and could put a strain on your health.


Premium Psychotherapy

I conduct psychotherapy sessions online, for people who are aware of their difficulties but do not know how to overcome them on their own. My work is focused on helping you make progress in your personal goals and improve to the point where you feel happy again. Through online therapy, we can resolve your issues.

Have you ever tried therapy or coaching but it did not go the way you expected?

I will help you successfully overcome those thoughts and feelings you are struggling with so you can truly feel better.

As an online psychotherapist, the psychotherapy I offer is labeled premium because it offers premium results, and your problems will noticeably diminish in intensity or cease to bother you any longer. 

Premium psychotherapy is not for everyone, only people who are ready for a fast evolution that really want to retake control of their life.

Through my process, you will not waste time or experience relapses. Our sessions will function in a quick, effective way without causing you discomfort. In addition, you will learn to approach similar situations in a radically different way from how you previously confronted them. Shall we get started?

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Online Therapy


How will your life change when you overcome your problems with my online psychotherapy?

You will have more energy and feel better overall.

Do you need help overcoming your problems and struggles? Have you attended therapy sessions in the past but did not receive the results you were hoping for?

I know how you feel, and I am going to help you.

My sessions are personalized and adapted to fit your individual needs.

How I Work

In the first session, we meet one-on-one to discuss the issues you are struggling with, and we break them down to better understand them. We can then focus on solving them in subsequent sessions.

I have worked with numerous clients and helped with a wide range of issues that people have struggled with, including anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, weight loss, aggressiveness, burnout, smoking cessation, grief, phobias, failure, frustration, insecurity, fear and self-esteem. Even if the exact issue you are dealing is not listed above, I can surely assist you as well.

I use the most appropriate techniques to help resolve my clients’ issues in the shortest period of time.

Have you spent years dealing with the same problem?

It is hard and frustrating to live this way without being able to do anything. You are not alone; I can help you.

Do you feel like your emotions control you?

With my techniques you will be able to manage your emotions and feel more confident in yourself.

Have you noticed that the more that time passes, the more intense your negative thoughts and emotions become?

We can work together to stop your emotions from snowballing into bigger issues with time, and instead resolve the issue for good.

Have you gotten used to feeling “bad” and accept this is your “normal” state?

Feeling well should be the norm, and I can help you achieve that feeling.

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I use non-invasive techniques and I will always explain to you what we are going to do, before applying the technique

My techniques produce consistent results and, once resolved, there are no relapses or returns to the emotional states or struggles previously dealt with. If you encounter circumstances that previously would have added to or magnified these negative emotions, your state of mind after our sessions will allow you to respond to such situations in a completely different way.

Many of my previous clients have confided in me about their results, saying they feel as if a weight has been lifted off their shoulders. I can confidently say that you will experience similar feelings of relief after sessions with me, as I sufficiently manage to solve ongoing problems people have suffered with for years.

I personally design a plan tailored to your individual needs and give you an estimate of the necessary time and cost to finally solve the issues causing you pain and stress.