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Hypnosis to quit smoking


Hypnosis to quit smoking

Have you ever considered hypnosis to quit smoking? My name is Luis Navarro and I am a psychotherapist specialized in hypnosis with 20 years of experience helping numerous people stop smoking rapidly and without complications.

Nicotine has a very harmful effect on our bodies and is an addictive substance. This is caused by the sensation of pleasure our brain perceives when we consume it. However, this sensation of pleasure is deceiving. It gives a temporary feeling of satisfaction, encouraging us to smoke again and again.

If you have ever tried to stop smoking for your health but without success, I know how to help fix this problem. Through smoking cessation hypnosis, my clients are able to quit smoking without the unpleasant symptoms associated with nicotine withdrawal, such as negative emotions, jittery nerves, anxiety, weight gain or loss, loss of energy, restless sleep, lack of motivation, moodiness and/or general discomfort, among others.

Try my hypnosis method to quit smoking and begin living your life in a healthier and happier way, without depending on nicotine for pleasure.


Smoking cessation assistance

I can help you quit smoking in just one session, through hypnosis. Change your life forever!

I know you want to quit your smoking habit to start a healthier life. I understand how you feel, and it may be difficult making the decision to quit smoking because you think the process will be hard and you will suffer. You do not have to suffer or experience discomfort to stop smoking. I will help you kick this habit which is causing so much damage to your body and mind. I will help you quit for good, without complications or discomfort.

You do not have to face the challenge to quit smoking alone. You can ask for my help; together we can achieve the best results.

Imagine how your life would be if you eliminated nicotine completely. Think of everything you could gain for yourself and others in terms of health and well-being. Sometimes, without realizing and without doing so intentionally, we harm those around us through our persistent bad habits. This is exactly what occurs with tobacco. Its smoke is harmful not only to the smoker, but also to anyone else who inhales it.

As a clinical hypnotherapist, I will design a personalized therapy, completely adapted to your needs, that will help you quit smoking.


Treatment to stop smoking

If you are looking for an effective treatment to help you quit smoking, my hypnosis method is the perfect fit!

I will help you quit smoking forever.

I have developed a unique and effective smoking cessation treatment to help you quit smoking. Through hypnosis I can set you free from the chains of tobacco, without relapse or risk of suffering from the unpleasant effects of nicotine withdrawal. How is this accomplished? I program your subconscious, so that you do not experience any physical discomfort.

The game to quit smoking is played inside the mind, and we will win! If you have already tried to quit smoking using other methods without success, you will finally achieve this goal through my method.

What is my method?

My treatment for smoking cessation consists of two complementary parts that work together to achieve effective, long-lasting results. The first part is crucial as you will receive all of the key information to assist you in kicking your smoking habit once and for all without any discomfort. Through my hypnosis, you will:


Be made aware of the negative thoughts blocking your ability to quit, and have them neutralized


Discover your false misconceptions of tobacco and how it affects you.


See how a smoking habit functions and how, through hypnosis, it can be shut off.


Receive an explanation about nicotine addiction and why, through my hypnosis, you will not experience nicotine withdrawal symptoms.


Understand the withdrawal symptoms associated with nicotine and why there are none with my hypnosis method.


Learn to avoid relapse after I explain its causes.


Learn how hypnosis functions, as I will dispel the myths associated with it

The second part is the hypnosis itself. First, I will prep you with exercises so you can learn what the hypnosis experience will be like. You will discover that there is nothing to worry about and being hypnotized is an enjoyable experience. Thereafter, I will utilize hypnosis to induce your subconscious and disable your smoking habit without you experiencing any physical discomfort or nicotine withdrawal symptoms upon quitting.

After the second part of the process, I will provide you with a resource which is proven to help in your transition from smoker to non-smoker.

When would you like to start? Book a session right now and start enjoying the healthy life you deserve!

When would you like to start?

Book a session right now and start enjoying the healthy life you deserve!

You can quit smoking now. The price is 630USD and you can register for your session this week.

Tratamiento para dejar de fumar

Therapies to quit smoking

I tailor my smoking cessation therapies to each client, adapting to their needs to get the best results in a single session, and for good.

Throughout my career I have helped over 35,000 people quit smoking through hypnosis, and you can be next! There are many reasons to eliminate nicotine from your life, such as improving your health and reducing the risk of disease. These reasons alone are sufficient when considering the importance of quitting.

You are not alone; I can help you kick your smoking habit once and for all, without pain or difficulty. No matter how long you have been smoking or the magnitude of your dependency, you can contact me to guide you onto the road to leaving nicotine behind forever and vastly improving your life. I provide online smoking cessation treatment. This means the process is convenient and comfortable for you.

Smoking is harmful to your health and has a negative influence on your life, controlling you to the point that when you do not smoke, you feel bad, insecure, moody, and apathetic . . .

Do not continue allowing nicotine to control you and spark negative emotions. Trust in my services to quit your smoking habit for good!