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Overcome trauma

My name is Luis Navarro and I am a psychotherapist with the expertise to help you overcome the trauma preventing you from moving forward.

Trauma can be attributed to painful situations you experienced in the past— especially in childhood or adolescence. It has continued to affect you as an adult, preventing you from feeling good and comfortable. I empathize with your feelings and want you to know that whatever your trauma— be it physical, emotional, or sexual— my therapy can help you to finally live your life with emotional freedom.

Intense, distressing and painful memories from the past may hold you down and prevent you from carrying on with your life. Leave trauma behind through psychotherapy sessions with me. We will eliminate the negative thoughts and feelings that have been causing you so much discomfort.


The key to effective therapy is a good rapport between client and therapist. This rapport is essential.

For this reason, I invite you to meet me for a free 30 minutes interview where you will ask me questions, explain your problems, then I will tell you how we will solve them and how long it will take. Then you decide.

Please choose a day and time to schedule your free meeting by clicking on the button.

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Treatment for psychological trauma

To treat psychological trauma, it is not necessary to relive painful situations from the past.

I offer “non-invasive” therapy, so it will not be necessary for you to relive your traumatic experiences in order to accept them and overcome your trauma.

Do not settle for feeling bad, because you can have a healthy and happy life, and I want to help you achieve this.


Overcome emotional trauma

If you do not know how to overcome your emotional trauma, or if you have already tried other therapies that failed to produce results, schedule a session with me and I will help you overcome your emotional trauma effectively and in just a few sessions!

Imagine how your life could be if you could be freed from the negative memories of the past that control you and stop you from living the life you want and deserve.

I am a specialist in psychotherapy and I custom design my services to fit your needs. In our first session, we will examine and seek to understand the things you are struggling with so we can eventually overcome your trauma. You will learn to manage your emotions and focus on the positive. Constant negative thoughts may cause those insecurities that are limiting you so much.

Tratamiento traumas psicológicos

Trauma therapy

I know how hard it is for you to control your emotions. You constantly think about unpleasant experiences in the past that impacted your life. I can assure you that my trauma therapy will be useful for you.

Let us begin working together to eliminate the negative emotions that make you feel down and drain you of your energy.

If you suffered physical, psychological or sexual abuse as a child, and it continues to haunt you as an adult in the form of negative thoughts and ongoing trauma, now is the time to emotionally free yourself and take back your life.

Constantly feeling hurt or bad is not a healthy way to live your life. My online trauma treatment will help resolve your trauma and help you move forward in life with more energy and vitality. If you are stuck in a loop of negative emotions because you continuously dwell on painful situations from the past, do not let this continue getting to your head. Book an appointment with me today, so that we can begin therapy as soon as possible.

The goal of psychotherapy is to achieve a better quality of life.

How can I help you?

Emotional trauma

Resolving emotional trauma with my method of trauma treatment will allow you to move forward in life and leave the things causing you pain behind.

Sometimes we replay traumatic events that are lodged in our heads, causing us to relive those moments again and again for long periods of time. If this is happening to you, psychotherapy is the solution that will help prevent it from becoming an even bigger issue.

I can help you by creating emotional trauma therapy sessions adapted to your needs, with the most appropriate techniques to resolve your trauma effectively and in the shortest amount of time possible.

Psychological trauma

Do you feel insecure, find it hard to relate to others, and tend to dwell on painful situations from the past? I have the perfect solution to your psychological trauma.

My trauma therapy offers you a rapid and effective solution to change your life. After the sessions, you will feel immense relief and lift the huge weight from your mind that has been preventing you from living an enjoyable and fulfilling life.

You will learn how to confront any traumatic situations in the future with a different perspective, avoiding the invasive negative emotions that have already plagued you for so long.

By changing your perspective, your world will also change. Are you ready to start feeling better? Book your appointment today.

Sexual trauma

Do you have sexual trauma? It is very important that you resolve it so you can move forward and have a healthy relationship with sex and your sexuality.

Maybe in the past you suffered from abuse, and you have a negative perception of your body; or maybe there is another reason preventing you from enjoying sex. Whatever the trigger for your sexual trauma, I know how to help you overcome it rapidly and effectively with my online trauma therapy.

It is important to pay attention to the discomfort and intensity you feel while remembering negative experiences, so you can get the help you need and resolve these issues.

Situations of sexual violence that began during childhood or adolescence, or even through adulthood, create and perpetuate pain. This pain, however, can be resolved and prevented from increasing.

My trauma therapy will allow you to overcome the negative beliefs and emotions associated with sexual trauma. You will feel how a weight has been lifted off your shoulders and experience the sensation of freedom.

Childhood trauma

Throughout my career as a psychotherapist I have treated many clients with childhood trauma, helping them resolve these traumas rapidly and effectively.

These types of trauma may come from situations in your past where you were abused psychologically or physically. As you have grown older you have been able to adapt and survive with the knowledge of this abuse, but you are motivated to finally change how you feel about what happened.

You do not have to continue feeling bad about what happened to you. I have the tools and expertise to help you feel better and achieve emotional freedom from these bad memories and negative emotions.

After intensive trauma therapy with me you will be able to better relate to yourself and those around you in just a few sessions.

Treatment for victims of bullying

My treatment for bullying is effective thanks to my method of helping you overcome it in just a few sessions.

If you suffer from bullying at work, school or university; or if your children are suffering from bullying at school, contact me and I will design a personalized therapy for your situation.

Bullying or harassment may be work-related (mobbing), sexual, academic, physical or verbal, and it may also be done online. Humans are social creatures, and we instinctively look for approval and belonging in a group. Acceptance from others gives us security and validation. When we experience constant rejection, harassment, humiliation, insults, degradation, or attacks, we feel alone, rejected, and maybe even guilty. It is important for you to know that their actions have nothing to do with you, and bullies act from an ignorant and violent standpoint.

The more time you spend suffering from any type of bullying, the bigger a negative impact it will have on you, especially if you remain silent. Do not let this problem continue making you feel bad, because it could evolve into more severe psychological problems such as anxiety, stress, fear, depression and even suicide.

With my therapy we will eliminate those negative thoughts and emotions in your head as a consequence of bullying, so you can return to living your life with emotional freedom. You deserve a happy and healthy life!