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Phobia Therapy

I am Luis Navarro. A psychotherapist specialized in phobias treatment. And I would like to help you to end your fear so that you can enjoy emotional freedom.

Sometimes you can feel a very intense, overwhelming, paralyzing, and unfounded fear; you feel phobia towards a situation or a thing that you know rationally that presents little or no danger, but you can’t control it, which limits you and holds you back. Please don’t settle for feeling this way; it has a solution, solving it is much simpler than you think!

With my therapy, I will help you resolve the fear no matter how intense it is or how long you have been feeling it. My techniques act on the reptilian complex of the brain that is responsible for triggering the fear or even panic response that drives you to flee or paralyzes you. We manage to neutralize these responses and replace them with others that are more appropriate for you and, thus, the phobia is definitively resolved.

I can solve any phobia in an elegantly simple way, and it is not necessary to go to its origin; we only modify the response of the reptilian brain with permanent effects.


The key to effective therapy is a good rapport between client and therapist. This rapport is essential.

For this reason, I invite you to meet me for a free 30 minutes interview where you will ask me questions, explain your problems, then I will tell you how we will solve them and how long it will take. Then you decide.

Please choose a day and time to schedule your free meeting by clicking on the button.

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Phobia Treatment

One of the best decisions you can make for yourself is choosing to find treatment for your phobias. A life filled with fear is not the life you deserve— you deserve to have peace of mind and be happy.

Not paying attention to negative emotions such as fear can lead to other problems and go beyond being just a phobia. Phobias have the potential to cause serious issues in your daily life and personal relationships.

I have 20 years of experience as a psychotherapist helping people overcome their fears. With my expertise, I can help resolve your nagging fears to the point that they no longer bother you. Why not start today? Schedule an appointment now!

We will work together to overcome your fears. With my help, you will no longer need to struggle with being afraid. After our therapy sessions, you will be aware of what triggered your fear from a neutral point of view. You will finally be able to have the emotional freedom that you deserve.

Whatever phobia you are dealing with, I can resolve in just a few sessions.


Phobia Treatment

Surely you want to overcome any fears to live a comfortable and happy life, but how do you achieve this? Well, you are not alone. With my phobia treatment you will overcome your fears quickly and permanently. As a phobia psychoterapist offering online services, you will have the convenience of getting help right at home.

Being aware of your fears and seeking professional help will turn your life around. Being liberated from the things that scare you will allow you to resume living your life comfortably and without worries.

My therapy is effective, and I produce results in the vast majority of cases. It is also suitable for any type of fear, including, but not limited to, fear of failure, the unknown, public speaking, flying, change, loneliness, and crowds. Throughout my career I have helped a plethora of people change their lives and overcome their phobias. By using my method, you will feel confident when dealing with anything that previously scared you and you will do away with negative emotions.

Terapia de exposición para fobias

Exposure Therapy for Phobias

Exposure therapy for phobias is fairly common, and its focus is to change the way you react to an object or situation that frightens you. The gradual and repeated exposure to the source of your specific fear and the thoughts, feelings and sensations associated with it can help you learn to control your anxiety.

My method is radically different and will save you the slow and cumbersome process exposure therapy requires. In just a few sessions, you will recognize what triggers your phobia from a neutral point of view. I will help eliminate your fear using the most advanced techniques available today.

If you experience problems of recurring and intense fear, contact me to help end it for good in just a few sessions.

Fears tend to have their origins in the past. It is possible that your fears were formed in childhood as a response to certain situations in which you may have been ridiculed, rejected or criticized. You may not even remember a traumatic event that has resulted in an ongoing fear. These early experiences may contribute to the phobias you have carried into adulthood, which control you, limit you, generate tension within you, and drain you of your energy.

Regardless of the time you have felt this fear or its level of intensity, I know how to resolve it so you can take full control of your life and be freed from paralyzing emotions.

It is important to resolve your fears so that you can get your life back on track and be happy.

How can I help you?

Social Phobia

Are you afraid of being judged by those around you? Do you feel anxious and nervous confronting daily situations such as meetings with colleagues or friends? Do you constantly avoid speaking with strangers? Are you embarrassed to speak in public? Do you avoid being the center of attention, and instead hope to go unnoticed? These are only a few symptoms, but they may mean that you suffer from social phobia.

Such negative feelings and emotions limit you, harm your relationships with others and make it more difficult to live your life fully.

You do not have to live with these feelings. With my help and in just a few sessions of social phobias treatment, you will resolve your phobias for good and have the ability to resume living life the way you want.

Childhood Phobias

Do you think your child suffers from childhood phobias? I can help guide your child in overcoming their fears. If your child feels fear when confronted with everyday situations and you notice it causes irregular and extreme symptoms such as: excessive sweating, intense breathing, tremors, accelerated heart rate, or general discomfort, my therapy will help to resolve it.

It is normal for children to feel nervous about regular situations and events such as starting school, taking a test, getting a vaccine, or visiting the dentist. If these same situations cause your child to exhibit more serious symptoms like a panic attack, then it could be something more than just nerves.

Schedule an appointment with me, I will design a therapy adapted to your child’s needs to resolve their fear in just a few sessions.

Sexual Phobias

If you feel afraid when faced with an intimate sexual encounter, or even just thinking about one, then you may be suffering from a fear related to sex. As a psychotherapist specialized in sexual phobias, I can help you overcome this fear.

There are various fears related to sex, from fear of contracting a venereal disease, fear of being naked in front of another person, to fear of intercourse itself. You may avoid sexual thoughts because they make you uncomfortable or avoid talking with others for fear that it may lead to an unpleasant sexual encounter. Any type of sexual fear can be resolved through therapy with me. I can help you understand your emotions and resolve your fears so you can enjoy a healthy sexual life.

Regardless of the amount of time you have had sexually related fears, in just a few sessions we will resolve them for good. Schedule an appointment and change your life! Just imagine how your life will change with an enjoyable sex life!