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Infertilidad psicológica


Psychological Infertility treatment

Let’s talk about psychological infertility treatment. What is it? This situation occurs when a woman is fertile and in good health, but in spite of this,  does not get pregnant either naturally or with assisted reproduction treatment, and there are no physical causes that explain her infertility. If you find yourself in this situation and need help regarding  how to emotionally deal with infertility, I can help you with my therapy.

Body and mind are connected. Modern science has shown that our thoughts and beliefs (mind) affect our emotions (body), and these feelings (body) in turn influence our thoughts (mind). Thus, there is a loop from mind to body, that is, from thoughts to emotions that constantly feeds back on itself.


The key to effective therapy is a good rapport between client and therapist. This rapport is essential.

For this reason, I invite you to meet me for a free 30 minutes interview where you will ask me questions, explain your problems, then I will tell you how we will solve them and how long it will take. Then you decide.

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Why is this loop preventing you from moving forward and getting pregnant? Stress, anxiety, fears, and negative beliefs about getting pregnant cause an excess of stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline. These substances as well as anxiety and fear can hinder fertilization. 

Infertility therapy is the solution to the stress, anxiety, fear, guilt, and sense of failure you may be feeling. A relaxed body and an optimistic and positive mind are the ideal scenario for fertilization, and together we will eliminate negative thoughts from your mind so that you can finally get pregnant.


Dealing with infertility

The psychological consequences of infertility are unique to each person and can range from disappointment to despair or even infertility depression. Some women describe their mood as an emotional roller coaster.

Each cycle involves a renewal of hope, excitement, and joy, but each missed opportunity can bring feelings of loss of control, failure, and hopelessness. The presence of these emotional reactions, and their frequency, and intensity, may be related to stress, age, length of time trying to become pregnant, and personal tolerance for frustration.

Dealing with infertility issues means successfully resolve the emotional difficulties of successive failed attempts to get pregnant with my psychological infertility treatment.

By resolving your fear, stress, and anxiety, so common after the age of 37 when we perceive the biological clock as a threat, you will eliminate from your life the sense of personal failure and the feeling of despair, which is so counterproductive to fertilization.

Discover how effective infertility therapy can reverse all these emotions and restore optimism and hope. I am ready to help you solve your difficulties and those of your partner, who may experience infertility differently but is also affected by it.

Infertility therapy

Reduce your stress level, overcome your fears and eliminate the negative beliefs that limit you with infertility therapy that I design in a personalized way for each woman and her partner, because both of you experience it differently and your emotional needs are unique.

What does this infertility treatment consist in? We will explore factors in your life that may be provoking stress on all levels: personal, as a couple, with family, friends, and at work. Identifying these stressors and addressing them in infertility therapy will enable us to resolve them. To do this we will use a unique and effective technique to help you to resolve your emotions on a daily basis between our sessions, which will give you confidence and empower you.

Together we will achieve your goal, resolve your fears, anxiety, feelings of loss of control, feelings of failure, discouragement, hopelessness, pessimism, and other stressful emotions that you are feeling.

We will turn the page on failed fertility opportunities and resolve the remaining negative emotional charge of these memories.

Renew your excitement, hope, and optimism, reduce stressful hormones and feel the peace of mind and confidence you need to get pregnant.

Make an appointment for infertility therapy and we will start a therapy specifically tailored to your needs.


Infertility Depression

Learn how to eliminate feelings of sadness and negative emotions from your life with infertility depression therapy. I want to help you feel good and enjoy your well-being, because only then will you be able to conceive the baby you want so much.

The inability to conceive naturally can generate  stress, anxiety and in some cases depression in couples and can interfere and hinder fertilization or treatment results.

I am a therapist specialized in successfully addressing these situations and I can help overcome infertility depression so that you can achieve acceptance, self-esteem, and hope for the future. You can achieve this. I will guide you every step of the way.