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Sexual dysfunction treatment


Sexual dysfunction treatment

Looking for a treatment for sexual dysfunction problems? My name is Luis Navarro and I am an expert in psychosexual therapy. I can help solve any sexual problem with a psychological origin while respecting the preferences and sexual practices of both male and female clients.

If your sexual life is unfulfilled, you do not have to settle for this mediocrity, I can help you. I know how to help you finally get rid of your sexual dysfunctions and achieve the sex life you wish to have. I have helped hundreds of clients resolve their issues through my sexual dysfunction therapy, in which I use an understanding and empathic approach.

Sexuality is an intimate topic, so I create a safe and confidential space where you will feel respected and supported in resolving your issues. You can be assured that you will receive high quality service as I use the most advanced therapy techniques. Shall we get started? I want to help you understand your emotions, eliminate negative thoughts and enjoy your sex life.


Therapy for sexual dysfunction

Do you feel you are in need of sexual dysfunction therapy? If you have tried other treatments without success, or if you have finally decided to confide in a psychosexual therapy specialist to overcome your problems, I can help you resolve them.

I will design a personalized therapy specific to your problem and help you resolve it.

Suffering from a sexual dysfunction may be impeding on your ability to experience pleasure in your sexual relationships, and my goal is to help you return to a healthy and satisfying sex life.

Sexual dysfunction can present itself at any stage of the sexual cycle, be it arousal, the plateau, the orgasm, or resolution, and each stage may vary between men and women. They may be a consequence of physical pathologies like diabetes, alcoholism, and other diseases; or psychological ones such as depression, anxiety, a phobia, or a traumatic experience, among others.

It is very important to pay attention to your feelings and emotions when you think about having sex or while you are having sex. It is not healthy or sustainable to constantly feel negative emotions you deserve a happy sexual life.

How can I help you?

Erectile dysfunction treatment

I have extensive experience in treating erectile dysfunction. Throughout my career as a psychotherapist specializing in sexual dysfunctions, I have helped many people resolve this issue.

If you have difficulty maintaining your erection during sex or you cannot get an erection, either temporarily or recurrently, it could be a cause of another disorder such as anxiety or stress. You may be driven to feel negative emotions such as shame, anguish, anger or frustration at your situation.

I know how to resolve this effectively through therapy. I will help free you from these negative emotions to make room for emotional freedom, so you can return to enjoying sex once again.

Treatment for sexual abuse

I am an expert in sexual abuse treatment. If you have suffered from sexual abuse, I know how to help you so you can resolve the negative emotional imprint it has left in you and be freed from its grasp for good.

My therapy will not force you to remember any negative experiences, but rather focuses on looking forward and resolving your difficulties.

You do not have to continue suffering, but it is important to pay attention to your emotions. Contact me to resolve this problem, and we will begin working together so you can achieve emotional freedom and return to a fulfilling sex life.

Anorgasmia treatment

My therapy to treat anorgasmia will allow you to once more enjoy a fulfilling sex life.

Typically, women are the primary sufferers of anorgasmia, a sexual dysfunction that prevents one from being able to reach orgasm. If this is happening to you, it could be due to a variety of reasons, and we will explore this in my therapy until we find a solution.

I will help you resolve it in just a few sessions and for good. Schedule an appointment with me to begin changing your life.

Sexual aversion

Do you feel scared, stressed, or anxious about sexual relationships? Do you avoid intimate relationships with other people? As a specialized psychotherapist in therapy for sexual aversion disorder, I know how to help you.

I have 20 years of experience helping people resolve their problems, and I can help resolve yours as well. I know how you feel and that you want to have a healthy and happy sex life. With my method you can achieve this in just a few sessions and for good.

By working together, we will eliminate any negative thoughts that limit you and prevent you from enjoying sex.

Dyspareunia treatment

If you are looking for dyspareunia treatment, I am here to help you. I am a specialist in psychosexual therapy with 20 years of experience resolving this exact problem in my clients.

This sexual dysfunction causes men and especially women to feel pain during intercourse (before, during, or after). It may stem from psychological pathologies such as depression, traumatic experiences, anxiety, or stress. Such negative thoughts and emotions flood your mind and disable you from having a satisfying sex life. I am here to help you understand your emotions and resume your sex life in a healthy way and without difficulties.

Through personalized therapy, we can solve this issue for good in just a few sessions.

Want to talk about it? Contact me.

Premature ejaculation treatment

I know that sometimes you feel frustrated, embarrassed, or distressed and avoid having sex due to fear of ejaculating too quickly. My therapy can help resolve this issue in a few sessions and for good. I will design a treatment for premature ejaculation that is personalized to fit your needs.

Sometimes premature ejaculation is a byproduct of depression, a traumatic experience, a fear or phobia from childhood, or anxiety or stress, among others.

Being aware of your problems will help you change them; and with my assistance, your struggles with premature ejaculation will be resolved. I will teach you to free yourself from your negative emotions so you can fully enjoy your sexual relationships.

Female frigidity treatment

My female frigidity treatment, which may also be referred to as hypoactive sexual desire disorder treatment helps women suffering from female frigidity. With my help and expertise, you will be able to resolve this sexual issue.

If you do not feel a desire to have sex due to any reason, including: stress, anxiety, depression, past trauma from sexual experiences, or fear, I can help change your life so that, through emotional freedom, you can finally enjoy your sexual relationships.

My therapy is effective and has lasting effects. In just a few sessions we will find a solution to your lack of desire so you can once again enjoy a happy and fulfilling sex life. You will not be forced to remember past moments that left a negative mark on you and your relationship with your body and sex. My goal is to help you feel good, through personalized, fast and effective therapy. Schedule and appointment today so we can start as soon as possible.

Vaginismus treatment

I am an expert in vaginismus treatment through psychosexual therapy. Do not allow this problem to continue negatively impacting your sexual relationships. Make an appointment with me so we can resolve it together.

Vaginismus is a disorder that affects women and causes the vaginal muscles to tense up painfully, preventing penetration and an enjoyable sexual experience. It may be a result of psychological trauma from childhood or the past; anxiety; stress; or fear of maintaining sexual relationships and experiencing pain.

You deserve a fulfilling and satisfying sex life, and I can help you resolve these difficulties. Wait no longer and contact me for assistance.

Many sexual dysfunctions stem from physiological origins and should be treated by a doctor. Before starting your treatment with me it is essential that you visit a urologist or gynecologist to rule out physical problems. Only after having discarded the cause of your sexual dysfunction as physiological may you begin treatment with me.

Muchas disfunciones sexuales son de origen fisiológico y deben ser tratadas por un doctor. Antes de empezar tu tratamiento conmigo es indispensable que visites a tu urólogo o ginecólogo para que descarte que se trata de un problema físico. Sólo tras haber descartado que la causa de tu disfunción sexual es de tipo fisiológico puedo empezar un tratamiento terapéutico efectivo contigo.