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Stress therapy

Various factors can lead to stress. They may be negative, such as going through a painful family situation; or positive, such as finally buying that apartment you have been longing for. If you are looking for stress therapy solutions, I can help you manage your stress through my stress therapy.

Stress is a normal, natural occurrence in our body. It is actually a biological resource that gives us the physical energy and mental focus to confront challenges.

With my therapy you will change your perception of stress. I will teach you to convert stress into something positive that you can use to your advantage.


The key to effective therapy is a good rapport between client and therapist. This rapport is essential.

For this reason, I invite you to meet me for a free 30 minutes interview where you will ask me questions, explain your problems, then I will tell you how we will solve them and how long it will take. Then you decide.

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Psicoterapeuta para estrés

Psychotherapy for stress

If you are looking for a stress psychotherapist, you are welcome to try my services. I specialize in helping people change their lives quickly and effectively.

Are you familiar with the stress paradox? Your perception of stress is equal to the response you give to it. In other words, if you perceive stress as something negative, you will get frustrated trying to control it. On the other hand, if you accept stress as something positive, a naturally occurring response to situations, you will improve and get the most out of it.

I will help improve your relationship with stress, so you obtain different, positive results. Shall we get started?


Stress Management Therapy

Stress is not entirely harmful. In fact, it is a resource our body uses to alert us and help us concentrate on solving a problem or situation. My stress therapy solutions are achieved through helping you transform your stress into something you can take advantage of to succeed in life.

Do you experience headaches, muscle tension, changes in sleep habits, fatigue, or general discomfort? These are all symptoms of stress when we perceive as something negative. The key to resolving it is changing the negative perception to a positive one.

I provide personalized therapy, designed to suit your needs, with immediate results for stress-related issues. My online stress treatment is different in that I make a commitment to help you once and for all, rapidly and effectively.

Chronic stress

If you suffer from chronic stress, I can help change your perspective and transform your negative thoughts to positive ones.

My therapy will teach you to see stress as a natural bodily response to alert you and give you the ability to confront any situation with positive energy. Take advantage of your stress to gain momentum, change your life, and focus on the things you can achieve and improve.

Chronic stress prolongs the high levels of adrenaline and cortisol in our bodies, which can be very unhealthy. For this reason, the goal of my therapy is to help you learn to deal with stress in a positive way, rather than seeing it as something that limits you or causes frustration.

Take charge of your emotions, in just a few sessions and forever. Think of how your life could change after therapy!

Work-related stress

How do you deal with work-related stress? If you have a job, you may know that some workdays are more challenging than others—many calls to be made, various half-finished projects that must be completed, unpredictable events out of your control, and urgent tasks that require time and attention.

Work-related stress is normal, but you can learn to manage this stress rapidly and effectively with therapy. I have been a psychotherapist for nearly 20 years, and with my experience and expertise, I can help resolve your issues with stress.

After attending a therapy designed to fit your needs, you can take charge of your emotions. It is very important to be conscious of your feelings in order to resolve them. If you continue allowing negative stress to control you, over time it may increasingly weaken you both emotionally and physically. If you schedule an appointment with me, we can change your negative perception of stress for good. Remember that it is normal to feel good and I have the necessary tools to achieve this feeling.

Chronic post-traumatic stress

Have you lived through or witnessed a traumatic event that has since prevented you from feeling okay? If you are looking for PTSD-post traumatic stress disorder treatment, I can help change your life so you can finally feel better.

Post-traumatic stress disorder manifests itself in different ways and may produce different symptoms, such as constant negative thoughts, flashbacks of traumatic situations, disturbances in sleep, emotional discomfort, sadness, fears, etc.

I understand how you feel and am here to tell you that your discomfort has a solution. Through my therapy, and in just a few sessions, you will learn to take full control of your emotions and resolve future traumatic situations in a completely different, positive way!

You do not have to accept this feeling of discomfort; your post-traumatic stress has a solution. Book an appointment with me as your stress psychotherapist online now and start to make the change. Get the life that you deserve!