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Weight Loss Help

Why lose weight with me?

Because you will learn to eat when you are hungry and stop eating when you feel full, you will healthily lose weight until you reach your natural weight and keep it forever.

With my Method, you will eat less progressively, without diets, without effort, without willpower, without physical exercise, and, thus, lose weight.

You will connect with the intelligence of your stomach where the indicators of hunger and satiety are and, thus, you will create four habits easily:

  • I eat when I am physically hungry.
  • I enjoy eating.
  • I eat whatever I like.
  • I stop eating when I’m full.

You’ve been dieting and trying to control what and how much you eat, has it worked for you? If it had worked, you wouldn’t be reading this.

My Method is revolutionary because, in addition to creating habits, I teach you a technique to solve the anxiety that makes you eat compulsively.

In addition, I support you with individual online sessions with me every week to help you resolve the emotional obstacles that prevent you from losing weight while you create the habits.

I suggest you read my book. I have written it to free yourself from the diet mentality, which has harmed you physically, mentally, and emotionally. My Method is elegantly simple and effective for you to lose weight and maintain your natural weight forever.


The key to effective therapy is a good rapport between client and therapist. This rapport is essential.

For this reason, I invite you to meet me for a free 30 minutes interview where you will ask me questions, explain your problems, then I will tell you how we will solve them and how long it will take. Then you decide.

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Weight loss therapy

My weight loss therapy method does not force you to follow a diet and track every calorie. I offer a way to lose weight without dieting.

My goal is to change your relationship with food forever, without having a hard time. You will not have to worry about rebounds, anxiety, binge eating or starving.

After training to become a psychotherapist, I focused on the client’s issues with being overweight. I have dedicated years of my career to finding the most effective and permanent method to lose weight without suffering.

In 2014 I launched my weight loss method and since I have helped thousands of people lose weight and feel good about themselves.

How do I do it? I teach you to eat in a real way; a conscious one. You will learn to listen to your stomach and only eat when you are really hungry. You will know how to stop eating when you feel full. I will teach you to manage your emotions so you can avoid overeating and binge eating, which only provide temporary satisfaction at the cost of long-term harm. 

Through my method for weight loss, you will lose weight without starving, and learn to eat from your stomach, not your head.

Having a healthy relationship with food is important for your physical and mental health. By listening to your body and mind, we will eliminate anything from your life that hinders your well-being.

What results will you achieve using my method?


Lose weight in a healthy way


Reach and maintain your natural weight


Create new habits linked to your stomach


Eat when you feel physical hunger


Stop eating when your hunger is sated


Free yourself from the diet mentality


Learn to manage emotions, like anxiety


Live without food anxiety


Quit binge eating and feeling guilty


Gradually accept your body


Change your relationship with food and your body

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Lose Weight Online

No leaving the house, no effort, and no diets. Losing weight online is possible thanks to my method of individual supervision.

Change unhealthy eating habits and manage your emotions to no longer be dominated by anxiety and negative thoughts, which cause you to binge eat without control.

It is important to differentiate between real hunger— the need to ingest food— and the excessive desire to eat just because. There are two main reasons for why you struggle with weight gain and being overweight: negative habits and emotions. Have you ever had a bad experience and tried using food to feel better? This might be a sign that you suffer from anxiety, and I know how to help you control your emotions so you can finally stop binge eating.

Start today, achieve the change you have been longing to see in yourself!

I will teach you to identify your body’s signals so you can eat when you really feel hungry, and once and for all achieve your natural body weight. Progressively, effortlessly, and without dieting, you will get used to eating less food without starving yourself. Once you have reached a healthy weight, you will easily maintain it from the new eating habits you formed. Shall we get started?